Wednesday, June 28, 2017

13 Things Your Urologist Secretly Wants to Tell You

13 Things Your Urologist Secretly Wants to Tell You

It's never simple to discuss things "down there." To spare you the shame, we requested that a urologist uncover 13 things all men should know.



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Admissions of a Urologist: 15 Best Health Tips for Men

For most folks, it's awkward contemplating erectile brokenness, not to mention examining it with a specialist. Yet, as per Dr. Stacy Elliott, that hesitance to address potential issues "down there" includes some major disadvantages. "Men should focus on their sexual wellbeing," says Elliott, who is a Sexual Medicine Physician and Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia. "Very regularly, they either attempt to settle it unobtrusively all alone or endure with it superfluously." To spare you any potential shame, we went straight to the urologist to discover the responses to all that you at any point needed to think about men's sexual wellbeing—however were reluctant to inquire.

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